Does Autozone Do Background Checks?

Does Autozone Do Background Checks

Do you want to start looking for a new job? There is a chance that you may be subjected to a background check as someone with a criminal past. You’ll have to be concerned about being rejected because of something you did years ago. Even if you have a criminal record, you can still work for a number of firms. Having said that, you’ll want to read more about Autozone and its background check procedure. Will the employer run a background check on you if you apply for a job with them?

Candidates are subjected to a background check by AutoZone. Learn more about AutoZone’s background check in the sections below.

What Exactly Is AutoZone?

Pitt Hyde founded AutoZone in Memphis, Tennessee in 1979 as “Auto Shack.” Auto Shack was formerly part of Malone & Hyde, a wholesale food shop that was sold to Oklahoma City’s Fleming Companies. As a result of the transaction, Auto Shack was rebranded AutoZone.

Prior to the acquisition, Malone & Hyde was the target of a lawsuit filed by the Tandy Company, a Fort Worth-based retailer specializing in leather goods. According to the lawsuit, Malone & Hyde infringed on the company’s trademark “Radio Shack.”

On July 4, 1979, the first AutoZone store debuted as Auto Shack in Forest City, Arkansas. Doc Crain was selected as the first AutoZone manager by Fleming Companies. The business apparently sold $300 in merchandise by the end of the day.

Background Check at AutoZone

The background check at AutoZone is only valid in the state where the store is situated. If a job seeker applies for a sales position in Forest City, Arkansas, the background check will only be applicable to Arkansas. The standard background check verifies the applicant’s name, criminal history, and driver’s license history for the last five to seven years.

If the interviewer is requested to sign a release for a background check, AutoZone is very likely interested in employing the candidate. The cost of an employment background ranges between $15 and $70. Companies will not do a background check on an application unless they are interested in employing.

What Information Can Be Obtained From A Background Check?

Companies want to ensure that when they hire new staff, they are getting the finest of the best. They want to prevent bad people who will cause them more problems in the long term. As a result, most firms will do background checks before hiring someone.

They wish to avoid persons who will not offer high-quality work and who have a negative attitude. More significantly, they do not want to hire dishonest personnel.

Does Autozone Do Background Checks
Does Autozone Do Background Checks

As a result, the employer will do a background check to ensure that the candidate has not been convicted of specific crimes. People having a criminal past may face difficulties as a result of the background check requirement. Even if you were convicted twenty years ago and haven’t been in trouble since your criminal record will follow you everywhere.

The employer will review your credit report, school records, and driving record while appraising you as an employee. They will also look into your criminal history.

Convictions and non-convictions will be included in the background check. A future employer, for example, will learn more about instances that were rejected as well as those that were not pursued. Criminal convictions can be recorded indefinitely. Non-convictions, on the other hand, will only be exhibited for seven years. The conviction will not display on the background check if it has been wiped from your record.

Concerning the AutoZone App

AutoZone is a well-known supplier of vehicle parts and accessories. In addition, the firm provides diagnostic and repair software and services. People looking for work can look into AutoZone because it features a plethora of employment choices.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time or full-time job, AutoZone is certain to meet your requirements. Stockers, customer service representatives, delivery drivers, and other professions are available in an AutoZone shop.

The corporation teaches its staff so that they might advance to more difficult roles in the future. When you apply for a job at AutoZone, the firm will ask for your personal information. For example, they will need your name, address, phone number, and Social Security number. They’ll also want to know about your driving history, driver’s license, availability, and criminal background. You must inform the employer about your job experience and talents.

To ensure that personnel is qualified, AutoZone often requires them to take a 94-question evaluation.

Does AutoZone employ felons?

AutoZone has grown to become one of the leading automotive dealers in the United States. It employs over 70,000 people and manages over 5,000 outlets across the country. When a person applies for a job with AutoZone, they will be questioned about their criminal past.

It is critical that you are truthful and forthright since they will ultimately find out. You will also be required to submit to a drug test. AutoZone will conduct a pre-employment background check on you to ensure that you were telling the truth.

Can you get a job at AutoZone if you’ve been convicted of a felony? The good news is that you absolutely can. AutoZone regularly hires convicts, however, it is dependent on the nature of the sentence. If you’ve been convicted of a violent or sexual felony, you’re unlikely to get work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that persons with theft and forgery convictions are frequently turned down by the firm. If you’ve been convicted of prior crimes, the severity and nature of the offense will be taken into account. After that, they’ll decide whether or not to hire you.

AutoZone conducts background checks to ensure that candidates are telling the truth. Furthermore, the corporation wishes to safeguard itself, its good name, its employees, and its consumers. Felons who want to work with AutoZone should first strive to clear their records. This assures that the firm will not learn about the criminal conviction.

First, review your background report.

Before applying for a job at AutoZone or another employer, you should consider conducting a background check on yourself. This will be quite handy. After you’ve completed this, you’ll know what AutoZone will discover during your background check.

You may also obtain a credit report to establish your level of financial responsibility. Driving record checks and educational background checks are the other two reports you may do. You will have more peace of mind if you conduct your own background check.

Advice for Landing a Job at AutoZone

At the end of the day, you may be turned down because of a criminal conviction. You may, however, take action to increase your odds. You’ll want to do all possible to impress the firm and be hired. For example, you may wish to submit multiple applications. Make it clear to the employer that you are willing to work at any of the local AutoZone locations.

You should also be as adaptable as possible. Inform the firm that you are available to work any hours. You should also incorporate high-quality, relevant references.

Your background will also play a significant role. To make you a strong candidate for the position, the firm should know that you have a decent employment history. Once you’ve booked an interview, you should arrive early. Dress to impress since it will increase your chances of landing the job. Preparing for the internet may also be beneficial. Applying in person is preferable since you will have the opportunity to chat with the manager.


Even if you have a criminal past, you may obtain a job with AutoZone. However, it is dependent on the sort of conviction and the length of time it has been in effect. It’s a good idea to double-check your background check so you know what they’ll find. Then you’ll be able to take precautions against probable difficulties.

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If you have any questions, it is best to contact an attorney. In any case, there are numerous forms of personal background checks available. You can, for example, verify with the court where you were accused.

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