Does Goodwill Do Background Checks?

Does Goodwill Do Background Checks

Goodwill Industries is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the United States. The organization offers a variety of initiatives to communities all throughout the country. These programs include anything from job training to interview preparation to internship chances. Its programs address challenges such as homelessness, disability, elders, and other community concerns.

Over the previous ten decades, Goodwill has evolved from a modest organization to a $6 billion nonprofit. Reverend Edgar j. Helms, a Cornell College alumnus, founded the firm. Steven C. Preston is the current President and CEO.

Goodwill Industries was started in Boston, Massachusetts, and has now spread to South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Panama. According to the organization’s website, it has at least 156 sites in Canada and the United States. Its annual revenue ranges from $5 billion to $6.1 billion.

Funding for Goodwill

Goodwill is supported by private and public donations. The majority of its income comes from its hundreds of thrift stores and donation sites spread around the country. The non-profit organization runs hundreds of secondhand stores that sell a wide variety of used and new products, including clothing, shoes, toys, appliances, electronics, books, furniture, interior décor, fashion accessories, jewelry, picture frames, and art.

Job Opportunities in Goodwill

Qualified job prospects can apply for a variety of opportunities at Goodwill. Human resource employees, data analysts, IT specialists, finance, legal, marketing agents, managers, and communications specialists are among those employed.

The non-profit organization also provides remote employment possibilities, allowing employees to work from home. This employment is quite common among full-time parents, handicapped people, and part-time employees.

Pre-Employment Process for Goodwill

The pre-employment procedure is similar to that of other non-profit organizations. Job searchers complete an employment application, send it to human resources, and then wait patiently for a job interview. To expedite the pre-employment and hiring processes, the employment application has been streamlined. Applicants must supply typical employment application information to Goodwill, such as their name, physical address, and phone number.

In addition to their completed job application, applicants may provide a résumé. The resume will assist Goodwill in making more informed decisions regarding your employment applications.

Employee Benefits for Goodwill

Goodwill provides a variety of benefits to its full-time employees, including health care, dentistry, and vision insurance. Employees can also participate in a 403(b) retirement plan, an aid program, an annual onsite Wellness Fair, an annual flu vaccine program, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and onsite cookery programs promoting healthy eating.

Employees also have 11 paid holidays, two personal days, sick leave, paid vacation, and a paid volunteer day available to them.

Is it true that Goodwill does background checks?

Yes, Goodwill conducts background checks on qualified employment applicants. The company feels that the background check is critical in the pre-employment process. Only potential new recruits are subjected to a background check.

Does Goodwill Do Background Checks

It investigates the applicant’s criminal, employment, and personal past. It verifies the data given by the applicant. For example, the applicant says that he or she has no criminal background. The background check will confirm this claim and assist the company in determining whether the applicant is qualified for the employment position for which he or she applied.

The Goodwill background check is comparable to that of other employers. It is a regular background check conducted by a third party to ensure fairness for both Goodwill and the job seeker.

Why Does Goodwill Conduct Background Checks on Job Applicants?

As previously stated, Goodwill thinks that a background check is an important element of the pre-employment process. Companies benefit from background checks in a variety of ways, including better-informed hiring decisions, increased workplace safety, weeding out unattractive job candidates, lowering job training costs, lowering negligent employee hiring liability, and protecting employers from workplace theft.

During work hours, new recruits become Goodwill’s responsibility, which necessitates background checks. Unfortunately, there are a number of employees who have a history of inciting rivalry among coworkers, calling in sick, displaying a nasty attitude, failing to finish tasks, delivering poor performance, and refusing to participate in offsite community initiatives.

What Happens If an Applicant Fakes an Employment Application?

If Goodwill decides that a specific job candidate has falsified his or her employment application, it will take action. A Goodwill human resources representative will contact the job candidate to assess if the deception was unintentional or purposeful.

When applying for multiple employment, some job seekers become worried, which may have contributed to the fraudulent application. When job searchers are repeatedly denied a position with a well-known corporation or non-profit, they will take dramatic efforts to improve their abilities, work history, and job tenures.

Because Goodwill believes in safeguarding its customers, partners, workers, and communities, it takes the pre-employment process extremely seriously.

Does Goodwill employ felons?

In certain circumstances, Goodwill hires convicts. The nonprofit organization believes in giving back to the community by offering outstanding career opportunities to all of its members. Goodwill provides numerous employment training programs, including one for ex-offenders. The foundation has made public its vow to provide work opportunities to everyone, even those with a criminal past.

Applicants with a criminal background may be denied employment with Goodwill. This decision, however, has nothing to do with the job applicant’s criminal background. If you were turned down for a job at Goodwill, you should strongly consider enrolling in the organization’s criminal job training program.

Work Schedule Flexibility

As previously said, Goodwill is committed to giving back to its community, sponsors, workers, and partners. A flexible work schedule is one way the firm pays back to its employees. Parents, part-time workers for other firms, college students, and persons with impairments are all included.

If you require a flexible work schedule while working for Goodwill, please contact a scheduler. These individuals are in charge of arranging employment schedules for Goodwill employees. They are also in charge of authorizing paid leave, including vacation and sick leave.


According to its thousands of employees in dozens of countries, Goodwill is not only a for-profit nonprofit corporation but also a terrific employer. The Goodwill background check is a regular procedure that is carried out by a third party in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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Most American NGOs, companies, small enterprises, and government agencies will not hire a job candidate who has submitted a forged employment application. These organizations think that a forged work application is a portent of things to come.

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