How much is barber school in PA (Tuition, Job, and Salary)?

How much is barber school in PA Tuition, Job, and Salary

So, how much is barber school in PA? This is more complicated than it looks, and there are many ways for you to go to barber school. But the bigger question is what the costs are attributed to getting a barber education in PA.

A barber serves the community by making men look better for work or school, giving them a professional stature that will make them stand tall and proud for a great haircut. Here is everything you need to know about barber school and the different fees you need to pay to get a prestigious barber education

How Much To Renewal of Existing Barber Licenses

All barbershop businesses must renew every year by the end of June (June 30) and use the appropriate renewal forms that are handed out to be passed online or in the actual office. Furthermore, here is a list of fees you need to pay for renewal:

  • Barber License Fee – $50
  • Barber License Application Fee – $100
  • Barbershop Inspection Fee – $125
  • Barber License Renewal Fee – $75
  • Barbershop License Renewal – $50 + $10 per chair
  • Barbershop License Application Fee – $50 + $10 per chair
  • Duplicate or replacement license – Free of charge
  • Transfer of License – $150
  • Lapsed License Renewal (less than 3 years) – $75 + $12 per year of lapse + restoration fee of $15

Find out how you can earn a scholarship

Applying for a scholarship is as simple as any other scholarship programs from different universities and schools. However, it’s another question entirely if you’ll get accepted or not. Realistically, a scholarship will be granted to you when you really need financial assistance since the aim of most scholarship programs is to assist individuals worthy of quality education. In order to get a scholarship for certain, you need to establish that you’re a great candidate for the program who shows both promise and potential of becoming a great barber for the people.

Is There Any Financial Aid?

Barbers have prestigious schools wherein they teach great education with amazing teachers to help anyone get better at being a barber. While some of these schools are certainly on the expensive side, you can get financial aid if you apply for a scholarship.

There are over a dozen scholarships available every year which you can apply for that will grant you so much flexibility on the finance side of things. You no longer have to worry about paying tuition when you are included on a financial aid program, and even the government curates a program that specifically helps talented barber students in the state.

Tuition and Fees

The state tuition fees average for about $17,100 to $20,000. The upstate schools are much higher than that, and to tell you the truth, the skill will dictate your performance and career in this business no matter what school you go to.

For PA averages in terms of tuition fees, it’s going to cost you around $16,014 to $18,000 which is relatively cheaper than the nation’s average. As stated above, there are different sponsorships where you can apply that will grant you free education. It’s better to have free education at the end of the day that’s completely free regardless of how cheap the tuition fees are.

Pennsylvania Barber Crossover Program

Distance education is a unique challenge faced by students of cosmetology and barbers wherein they need to log in exactly 685 hours that amount to instructions and education that are theory-based and skill-based subjects.

How much is barber school in PA Tuition, Job, and Salary

To surmise the things expected of the student, you will be sending videos of demonstrations related to the hair and how you can match the required quality of certain hairstyles that are being asked of you to do. Students are required to follow the necessary steps and rules that will help student barbers get the most out of great education by dialing in the right number of hours to get quality education and training to be the best barber in town.

Pennsylvania Barber Teacher Training

Here are the requisites to becoming a barber teacher:

  • To record 1250 hours of time training as a barber teacher
  • 1250 hours should equate to less than 9 months of training
  • The hours completed must be certified by the State Licensing Board. Furthermore, the letter must have a state seal that is affixed verifying a minimum of 1250 hours that are completed during the 9 months of training.
  • Cosmetologists who are licensed must have an accredited 555 hours under the crossover program before delving into the 1250 hours of training. Furthermore, they also need to log in at least 695 hours of barber school from the previous training to get credited for the 1250 hours of training in less than 6 months.
  • For theory-based training, a barber license must be endorsed to individuals who are licensed as barbers in the State of Pennsylvania.

Course Description and Goals

Here is the course description and goals for barber school:

  • You will be introduced to the basics of cutting and styling hair in order to keep customers happy.
  • You will be learning the different hygienic methods in cutting hair where you can appease your customers even more.
  • The goal of the academy where barbers are taught how to cut and style hair is to make the best hairstyles for the customers who want to have a great haircut.
  • The goal is also to ensure that the customers are getting the best deals out of their haircut and have the most comfortable and unforgettable experience when going to the barber shop.


Going to the barbershop takes a lot of appreciation because most professional barbers go through a lot to make your hair and style look fantastic. The thing that makes it difficult is that most barbers go through a lot of processes to become expert and professional barbers. These guidelines are what help you become a successful barber and make it big in the industry should you decide to become a barber someday, and it’s one of the most important and valued professions in the market.

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