Get Your Writing Noticed: 25 Reasons Why Men Have Bad Handwriting

Have you ever noticed why men have such bad handwriting? Maybe it’s because they’re lazy, or maybe they just don’t care. Whatever the reason is, we need to find a solution! Writing is a vital part of every aspect of the modern world. From academics to work, everything hinges on writing at some point. For this reason, it is important that your writing stands out and gets noticed by whoever you are targeting with your words.  

Here are 25 reasons why men’s handwriting is so terrible and why we should work on fixing it:

1) Men like to make their letters big and blocky

2) They write in all caps

3) Their penmanship looks sloppy and rushed

4) It doesn’t look like they put any effort into writing at all

5) The words can be difficult to read

6) Not using enough space between lines makes the text hard to follow for others reading along with you (and that includes your professors!)

7) Men often write too many words in one line

8) They often misspell words, especially if they’re in a hurry

9) Men can’t write cursive!

10) The spacing is off between letters, words, and lines

11) It’s too hard to fit all of their thoughts onto a page when they write in really small handwriting

12) They don’t understand why writing legibly makes such a big difference.

13) Their penmanship looks rushed or sloppy

14) They sometimes use all caps when writing

15) It’s just really hard to read!!!

16) Men often don’t use enough space between words

17) They write too many letters on one line

18) It’s not very clear what they’re trying to say, which can make it difficult for people who are reading along with them (i.e., teachers!)

19) Men frequently misspell words when writing in a rush or under pressure

20) Their handwriting looks like chicken scratch!

21). The spaces between the lines of text make it hard to follow along/read if someone is right next to you while you read your notes over together (including professors!)!

22). There are times that men put down more than two thoughts into one paragraph instead of fitting all their ideas into separate paragraphs!

23) It’s sometimes hard to fit all of their thoughts onto a page when they write in really small handwriting

24) Men can’t properly read cursive!

25) They don’t always understand why legibility is so important.

As you probably knew, men are notorious for having terrible handwriting. But if you want to improve your penmanship and make it easier for others to read, there are a few things that can be done! First of all, try writing in cursive instead of printing letters out one at a time – this will help with spacing issues. Next, don’t cram too many words onto the same line; give yourself space between them so they’re legible. And lastly, keep your lettering blocky rather than curvy…everyone knows how hard those loops can be to write! By following these tips on improving your handwriting skills now, you’ll have less work later when assignments come due or professors begin grading papers.

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